I’m Doing Second Hand September

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Today I am talking about sustainable fashion. According to Oxfam “Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill.”

These numbers are shocking, how can clothing have become single use! I grew up on second hand clothing and hand me downs, not because we couldn’t buy new but because its practical and better for the world.

1st September

Now as an adult over half of my wardrobe is second hand clothing. At first it wasn’t a conscious choice, I guess I am lucky that lovely people just give me nice clothes that they don’t wear anymore. However now I am seeking out lovely clothes that I can give a new lease of life.

This month I have taken the pledge to say yest to second hand shopping with Oxfams #secondhandseptember and you can too. Click here to find out how.

This September I wont be wearing my uniform to The Little Green Larder, instead I will be wearing different secondhand outfits to show that secondhand can be stylish as well!

September 1st

Here is my first outfit, the trousers were donated to my from my mums lovely friend Gail. They were her daughters and didn’t fit her anymore and she thought I would suit them. I have worn them so much as they are so comfy! I picked up the shirt the Gate Church Carbon Saving Projects monthly clothes swap and repair cafe.

The clothes swaps are amazing, they run the last Saturday of every month at the Gate Church in Dundee and they are free for everyone! I have been to 3 and picked up some amazing finds! You will see more of them later this month!

Its always free to go along and if you don’t have clothes to donate on the day it’s ok. Also if you have any clothes needing repaired bring them along as there is someone on hand to help you fix them up!

How else can you help you ask? Donating clothes to your friends, family and local charity shops ensures your clothing goes back into circulation instead of landfill. In The Little Green Larder we have a give box for clothes, shoes and much more.

I cant wait to share more outfits with you guys and I would love to see your secondhand finds! Are you doing second hand September? Or do you just love second hand clothing? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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  1. Hey, I am good for low/no plastics and also second hands. They don’t scream from your wardrobe – “I cost £***. ** and you have worn me only once” 😒 Good luck with your blogs, I will listen up. All the best with everything.

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