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Today I am talking about some super easy swaps you can make to have a more sustainable bathroom. It might seem difficult to eliminate single use plastic from your bathroom, but these swaps make it easy!

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For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Jillian, and I own and run The Little Green Larder zero waste shop in Dundee. I have always been conscious of recycling, when I was a child my dad always made sure we knew how important it was to put the recyclable items in the right bins.

Growing up I realised that, although it is amazing to recycle, it’s much better to avoid buying wasteful items and to reuse what you have. I love buying vintage and pre-loved item and when I do buy new I always try to ensure that it’s sustainable. For some tips on sustainable living click here.

Read on to find out some of my top tips for having a zero waste bathroom.

Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

This one is super easy, as using a bamboo toothbrush is the same as using a plastic one except it’s better for the environment. We sell these amazing Save Some Green ones at The Little Green Larder. I love them because the whole toothbrush and the packaging is completely compostable.

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Also, once you switch bring us your old toothbrush as we have a Terracycle recycling scheme.

Click here to find a drop off point in your area.

Refill your cleaning products

We need cleaning products to keep our bathrooms hygienic and clean but so many of them come in plastic bottles. Although these can be recycled it takes a lot of resources and so many of them end up in landfill. Find a zero-waste shop near you and fill up your empty cleaning product containers to avoid buying more plastic.

Safety Razor

I have been using a safety razor for a few years now and I love it. You reuse the razor and change the blades. There are ways to collect and recycle the blades so that nothing ends up in landfill. Have a read of this to find out more info.

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Use a soap bar instead of shower gel

Using a plastic bottle of shower gel really adds up to the amount of plastic waste we are creating. Why not switch to a bar of soap instead? It is just as good and much better for the environment. Opt for one that doesn’t come in plastic, like this Smelleez Soap. Smelleez comes wrapped in compostable material and has a huge range of different scents. We stock this at The Little Green Larder and our favourite is Parma Violet.

Switch to reusable sanitary products

According to Organi cup, “An individual goes through approximately 11,000 disposable pads and/or tampons in a lifetime.” That is a lot of disposable sanitary items that end up in our oceans or landfill. I recently did a litter pick on a local beach with my little dog and the amount of sanitary items I found was shocking.

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There are lots of options for reusable sanitary items, such as menstrual cups, cloth sanitary pads and period pants. Not every option works for everyone, but they are all great in their own way and can be used time and time again.

Switch to reusable cotton pads

Although cotton is biodegradable, producing such large amounts as a single use product is not great for the environment. It requires enormous amounts of water to produce, so a reusable alternative is much better.

I love using reusable cotton pads to cleanse my skin and remove makeup. You can use them time and time again and just pop them in the washing machine with your normal wash for next time.

Start using tooth tabs

Toothpaste is an item that we all use twice a day, every day. It comes in plastic that is difficult to recycle and so often ends up in landfill and our oceans. Tooth tabs are fantastic, I love these ones from Save Some Green as they have the right amount of fluoride as recommended by doctors.

Photo – Siobhan Diamond Photography

They are so easy to use, all you have to do is pop one in your mouth, crunch it a bit and use a wet toothbrush to brush your teeth as you would with any other toothpaste. It comes in a metal tin and refills come in compostable packaging. So much better for the environment.

Change your shampoo

Like shower gel, shampoo in plastic bottles is not doing our world any good. Why not change to a shampoo bar or go to a zero waste shop to refill your old shampoo bottle? Lots of people making little changes like these really adds up.

I hope you enjoyed finding out how to make some easy switches to ensure your bathroom is more sustainable. Do you use any of these items already, or do you have any other great bathroom swaps? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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