How to Live a Greener Life in an Apartment

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It has been a rainy and cold few days so I have a lovely blog post to brighten up your weekend. Lots of people think that you need a garden to live a greener and more sustainable life, but I am here to show you that’s not true. You can be green while living in an apartment or flat aswell. Me and my fiancé live in a flat while we save for the dream house and we live such green lives! Here are my top tips for green living in an apartment. Also check out my 10 tips for sustainable living for more green tips.

Use your food waste bin

According to Greener Life Scotland, “Scottish households throw away 600,000 tonnes of food waste every year.” If your food is no longer edible then it is so important to put it in your food waste bin and put that out for road side collection. In Scotland your food waste is transformed into green energy so it is not just wasted.

Use your leftovers for a new meal

I try and use as much of our food as possible. Veg scraps get boiled and turned into veg stock (you can also use chicken bones and skin for chicken stock if you eat meat). If we have leftover veggie bolognaise, I use the rest for lasagne. If we have any leftover cooked unflavoured veg it goes in with our dog’s food (not onions). I try and make a meal or snack with any food we don’t eat so that it has a new lease of life. my favourite is sprinkling oil and smoked paprika over potato skins and baking them in the oven, yummy!

Grow fresh herbs on your windowsill

Herbs are relatively easy to grow indoors. They are great for adding to salads, pesto and other dishes. Pop them on a sunny windowsill and add some green into your apartment.

Recycle as much as you can

At our flat the only form of recycling we have is food waste. This doesn’t stop us from recycling though. We collect paper, cardboard, jars, tins, cans and plastic in storage boxes. There are loads of recycling points around the city, on streets, at supermarkets and at recycling centres. If I know I will be driving past one of these points I will pop the recycling in my car to drop it off.

Obviously when making purchases we try to avoid as much packaging as possible. We try and avoid anything that has plastic, but if we do get any we ensure that it is recycled.

Grow plants on your balcony

If you have a small balcony make the most of it by growing flowers, plants and even vegetables on it. It can be so therapeutic and rewarding to sit surrounded by plants you have grown yourself.

Dry your clothes on a drying screen

Tumble dryers use so much electricity and can be so unnecessary. Get a drying screen or clothes horse and hang up your clothes to dry. Place them in front of a sunny window and they will dry even quicker.

I hope you have enjoyed my tips on greener apartment living. Why not have a read of my blog post on zero waste bathroom swaps to really up your sustainable living. Do you have any more green tips for living in an apartment? Let me know in the comments.

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