Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Adults That Wont Break The Bank

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It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting colder, and everything smells like cinnamon and spiced apple. It can only mean one thing: Christmas is fast approaching. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas. Mulled wine, mince pies and spending time with loved ones is amazing. The one thing I dread about Christmas is the mass spending, panic buying and so much plastic.

This year I am really trying to focus on giving sustainable gifts that will last instead of just rubbish that people don’t want. I will not be buying any gifts that include plastic and I hope you will all join me. I am also focusing more on experiences and spending time with people.

Today I’m talking about stocking fillers. We all love stockings; they take us back to that magical time when we were children. The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning to treats to open as soon as we wake up. Yes, it may have been material but it was special and a lovely memory. I still do stockings for my parents and my fiancé but I try and make them as sustainable as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading my ideas for sustainable stocking fillers for adults that won’t break the bank.

A Satsuma

I’m sorry, but if you didn’t have a satsuma at the bottom of your stocking as a kid then did you even live? I have a satsuma almost every day, they are so tasty, and if you had a few too many pre-Christmas drinks then this will perk you up when you first open your eyes. We sell them loose at The Little Green Larder so you can buy just as many as you need.

A Metal Straw

Of course, some people need plastic straws for medical reasons and we would never judge that. But if you don’t need one then a metal straw is much better. I always have one with me in my bag. When I am out and about I always use it. These are nice, budget friendly stocking fillers that are great for the environment!

Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are on the out and bamboo toothbrushes are so in! We sell these Save Some Green ones here at The Little Green Larder. We LOVE them because the entire thing is compostable. The packaging, the brush and even the bristles. If you have an old plastic toothbrush then please do pop in and drop it off at our recycling point.

Tooth Tabs

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Tooth tabs are the perfect accompaniment for a bamboo toothbrush. Traditional toothpaste comes in plastic tubes that are very difficult to recycle. We love Save Some Green tooth tabs that come in a tin or in a compostable paper refill bag. Simply crunch one up in your mouth and use a wet bamboo toothbrush to brush your teeth as normal. Click here to read more easy zero waste bathroom swaps.

A Can of Their Favourite Drink

Plastic bottles are a huge no-no. Cans are so much more sustainable as after use they can be recycled back into another can. Me and my mum love gin and tonics and my fiancé just loves a can of fizzy juice. Cheap and cheerful but practical and will definitely be used.

A Bar of Soap

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We have completely eliminated plastic shower gel and hand wash in our house, and for Christmas we intend to keep it that way. A bar of soap is perfect for your stocking as it can be used for hand washing in the kitchen or bathroom and for washing yourself in the bath or shower. Our favourite soap is Smelleez Soap. Amelia is the most amazing 9 year old entrepreneur and soap maker. Her festive scents are to die for and are one of our biggest sellers here at The Little Green Larder.

A Soap Bag

Hand in hand with your bar of soap should be a soap bag. These are perfect for using in the bath and shower as it means you can hold your soap without dropping it. Your soap also bubbles up beautifully in a soap bag. We sell sisal and bamboo eco friendly soap bags.


I LOVE chocolate and it’s always nice to get something sweet in your stocking. These Seed and Bean bars are fantastic as lots of them are vegan and the packaging is compostable. We also have them at The Little Green Larder. Such a great, tasty treat!

I hope this blog post has inspired you to make your stockings eco friendly this year. It is so important to reduce unnecessary plastic. This Christmas is your time to make a difference! Leave me a comment with your favourite zero waste stocking filler ideas.

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