5 Christmas WGAC up-cycles!

Hello everyone, I cant believe how close Christmas is! Where has the time gone! I wanted to drop this little extra blog post for you all in time for the big day. If you are looking to have a plastic free Christmas be sure to check out my green guide!

So, some of you know I own and run The Little Green Larder in Dundee. We recently got in Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and it has been selling like hot cakes! I really love these rolls as they are not wrapped in plastic, instead they come in lovely paper! Their products are all made with environmentally materials and they donate 50% of their profits to build toilets for people in need. How amazing is that!

Today I wanted to do a fun post to show you a few things you can do with the paper and tubes of the toilet roll. Read on and learn to be less wasteful this Christmas!

Wrap up your gifts with the paper

This one is so easy, grab the paper, grab your gift and wrap it up. Use string or paper tape and hey presto. You can even add in some foliage to make it look cute!

Make a small gift box

You can use the inner tube to make a really easy gift box. All you have to do is flatten it in half then fold the ends in. you can stamp on it with ink or draw on it. Or do as we did and wrap some twine around it and add a dried flower.

Make a Christmas cracker

Crackers don’t need a snap in them. I guarantee you, you will get more laugh shouting bang when people pull them than you would with shop bought plastic filled ones.

This is super easy and you can personalise it for each person. I chose a chocolate coin and a cute tea strainer to go inside my cracker. All you have to do is put the gifts inside the tube (you can write or print out a joke if you like). Wrap the tube with the paper then use some twine, string or ribbon to tie both ends!

Place mats

The throw away society we live in is just too much. However here is a cheeky eco throw away for you. Use the paper as your Christmas dinner place mat. If you spill anything on it, its ok! Your can just pop it in your compost bin guilt free.

A napkin ring

You don’t need to waste money on napkin rings. Will you ever use them or will they just take up space in your house? I had some leftover jute so I used paper tape to tape it onto this toilet roll tube. Hey presto, napkin rings in less than a few minutes!

I hope you enjoyed this fun blog. I would love to see more WGAC upcycles from you guys. Leave me a comment and let me know what eco Christmas ideas you have come up with!

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