Eco Friendly Children’s Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello everyone. Wow can you believe how quickly this year has flown by! Christmas is almost here, its frosty outside and every one is in a merry mood. How are you doing with your Christmas shopping? I am almost finished. This year I have decided to only buy local and sustainable gifts for everyone. Instead of trying to make the gifts look big, I am focusing on quality.

For children, it can seem tricky to find sustainable gifts in a sea of plastic but I am here to show you its easy. Read on for some great ideas of eco friendly gifts to get for children.

An Eco Book

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At The Little Green Larder we are loving these Wild Tribe Hero’s books! These children’s books educate kids in a gentle way about the effects of palm oil deforestation and plastic pollution. These true stories all have a happy ending and inspire children, teaching them what they can do to help! I gifted one of these to my nephew and he loved hearing about Duffy the turtle.

Bamboo Toothbrush

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Ok, it isn’t the most exciting gift, but it is something that is needed and it fits in a stocking. Dental health is so important. Help inspire your children to make easy everyday swaps and show them that using bamboo and eco friendly alternatives is normal. Goodbye plastic toothbrushes.

For more ideas on sustainable stocking fillers for kids, click here and read this blog post.

Play Press Toys

From fire people to police officers. From rock stars to doctors. Farm yard animals and space explorers! These eco friendly toys have something for everyone! These build-able toys are almost like 3d jigsaws and are just so much fun for kids to play with. Pick some up at The Little Green Larder. If you’re not local then you can get some on their website.

Wooden Toys

I am so delighted when I see how many wooden toys are popping up in shops everywhere. Wooden doll houses, kitchens and rocking horses are just amazing. Instead of buying new plastic toys why not get your loved ones some wooden toys. It doesn’t make a difference to the child what it is made from, but it makes a huge difference to the planet.

The Gift of Time

Instead of a physical gift, why not give the gift of time instead. Tickets to the cinema or a voucher to go for a cake at their favourite café. If you are a bit short on cash then even a DIY voucher that promises a pick-nick and a day at the park is an amazing gift. If your friends have kids then why not give them a voucher to babysit meaning they can go out and have some chill time and you can have fun with the kids.

For more ideas on gifts like this have a read of my blog post on gifts that you don’t have to buy!

A baking gift

Kid’s love having something to do so why not buy them a baking gift. Get them their own wooden spoon and bowl and buy them the ingredients to make cookies or a cake. Flour and sugar come in paper, and you can pick up your supplies at your local zero waste shop.

A game or jigsaw

You can pick up like new games and jigsaws in charity shops and they are great for kids. As well as being fun, games and jigsaws help kids work on their problem solving skills. Once they are finished with it they can be donated again.


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When I was a kid I always got some sweets at Christmas. Yes I loved them, who doesn’t! The thing was I didn’t realise the environmental impact I was having consuming so many sweets in wrappers. Head to your local zero waste shop with a nice jar and fill up on something tasty. At The Little Green Larder we have so many options, from jazzies to chocolate raisins. We also have our extremely popular vegan pick and mix sweets!

Adopting an endangered animal

Adopting an endangered animal is such a lovely gift. The kids can learn about the animal of choice and know that their gift is helping with the conservation.

Play In Choc

Play In Choc is allergen free, eco-friendly and educational. You get 2 little bars of chocolate, a build and play character and a fact card. All of the packaging is compostable and the characters are made of recycled cardboard! Chocolate plus an eco toy, what more could you want!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog. If you are doing some last minute Christmas shopping this weekend I hope it has inspired you to make some sustainable choices.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you have any other echo friendly gift ideas!

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