Easy Larder Recipes

Hello everyone

Wow this year has disappeared, I’m so sorry I haven’t written a post yet this year, I have been so so busy at my shop The Little Green Larder. However at times like these I though I should do a wee post for you all. If you are self isolating but still want to live a green life then have a read of this blog post.

I know lots of you are scared and worried about whats going to happen. We all are. People are worried about getting enough food and when you will be able to get out to the shops. With that in mind I have put together some really easy recipes using long lasting ingredients and leftover veggies that you can make. We sell all of the ingredients at The Little Green Larder. Why not read this post to see how it all works.

I hope you enjoy these recipes guys 🙂 Cooking with dried beans is super easy and cheap. They also last for ages in your kitchen/ larder/ pantry!

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