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Hello Everyone,

What a difficult time it has been for everyone! It has been a very difficult decision; however, I have decided to close The Little Green Larder to customers. This does not mean you cannot buy anything from us, it just means we will be working in a different way. In the space of a week we have had to completely adapt our business so that we can keep bringing you guys the products you love during this difficult time. Please note this post has been edited with new updates.

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This change in the way we work doesn’t mean we will be changing our values and beliefs. Inclusivity and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do here at The Little Green Larder. We believe in fair wages and are committed to reducing waste, working with the community and donating to local charities. Although we will now be pre-packing your food for you, it will never come in plastic, unlike other supermarkets and shops. We are committed to helping you reduce single use packaging waste, and therefore helping the environment and lowering your carbon footprint.

If you have contacted our Facebook page and been sent here, then you will find the answers to your questions in this blog post. As much as we love to chat, we are extremely busy packing up food boxes and don’t always have the time to reply straight away.


How can I order a food box?

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There are 2 ways to order your food box:

1. A food box for collection at The Little Green Larder in Dundee

Contact the Little Green Larder through our Facebook Page or by calling 01382 660913 with the following information. You can pay for your food box by contactless when you collect it.
Please note your food box order must be placed before 3pm the day before your collection.

(Please note we are operating under shorter hours please try to call Tue – Sat between 12pm and 4pm)

-Food box type:
£10 fruit and veg box
£20 fruit and veg box
£30 fruit and veg box

£10 mixed food box
£20 mixed food box
£30 mixed food box

£10 snack box
£20 snack box
£30 snack box

– Do you have any allergies?
– Do you have any specific dislikes?
– Are you vegan?
– list 5 things that you would like to see in your food box
– What day would you like to collect your food box
– What is your contact no. and email address

When collecting your food box please knock on our window and wait for us to come and bring you your box. Please do not come into the shop. Please also bear in mind that we are very busy at this time so you may have wait for a few minutes. You can then pay by contactless card payment.

2. A food box to be delivered to your home

Download the Zippy D app and order online. Please do not contact the Facebook page to order for delivery as we cannot do this.

Zippy D is a perfect fit for us as they have the same values and commitment to sustainability as us. They believe in paying their staff fair wages and donating to local charities. Zippy D do charge a service charge to cover the cost of them running their app, and also a delivery fee to pay they drivers.

*Please note that any technical questions should be directed to Zippy D as we will not be able to help you with these as we did not design he app.

What if I have an allergy?

Please notify us of any allergies you have so we can avoid packing these items. However, please read our allergen disclaimer:

“Although we try to avoid food cross contamination, due to the nature of selling food loose we cannot guarantee it.”

If you do have an allergy and still choose to order it is at your own discretion. We hold no liability for any reactions.

When can I collect my food box or have it delivered?

Right now we are working on reduced hours. You can collect a food box and/ or have one delivered the following days:

-Tuesday 12pm – 4pm
– Wednesday 12pm – 4pm
– Thursday 12pm – 4pm
– Friday 12pm – 4pm
– Saturday 12pm – 4pm

Please note if collecting a food box from us we may give you a specific time window to come and get it.

Can I order a food box for collection in advance?

Right now as we are so busy, we are only taking orders for the current week. The week starts on Sunday and you can order a box for any day that week up till Saturday. On Sunday it starts again for the next week.

Your order must be in by 3pm the day before you would like to collect your food box. We cannot take orders for food boxes for collection on the same day. If you would like a same day box please order through Zippy D.

Can I order other things from the shop?

If you are ordering a food box for collection you may also ask us about additional items to add on. These cannot be included in your set box price but may be added on top. (e.g. can I add on a bamboo toothbrush and a shampoo bar to my order?)

If you do not want a food box but still would like other things from the shop, that is also ok, however as we are so busy the minimum order right now is £10.

If you are ordering a food box for delivery there are some extras in the zippy D app.

Can I come to the shop to buy individual items?

Right now we are now closed to the public however on Saturdays we have a pop up window shop. Here we will have pre-made food boxes and bread available for you to buy. On Saturdays you can knock on the window and let us know what you would like.

Tuesday – Friday this option is not available. If you do not want a food box but still would like other things from the shop they must be pre-ordered. As we are so busy the minimum order right now is £10.

Please do not knock on the window to ask if we are open or ask if you can refill something. Unfortunately the answer is no, and the more our staff answer the door and answer this question the more at risk we are of catching the virus which means we will have to close completely.

Can I still refill my liquids at your shop?

*Liquid filling rules

-For all liquid refills your container MUST be clean and dry
– For all liquid refills we advise you to take a picture of the ingredient and product info (these are on the refill containers and we can do this for you)
– When filling your own bottle for liquids you should remove previous bottle/ container info and re-label it with that you have put inside
-It is recommended to refill Dew products into the Dew bottles that we sell
– Dew products are affected by light and should not be filled into a clear bottle

If customers do not follow the rules, we cannot accept any liability for the products not working in their best way.

If your bottles do not meet these specifications, we will not refill it.


Hand Sanitiser

We understand it is really important for our customers to refill their hand sanitiser with us and we would like to continue this service for you.

You can refill your hand sanitiser only on Wednesdays between 12 -2 pm.

Please bring your dew bottle with you to refill, knock on our window and wait for us to come and get your bottle. Please do not come into the shop. Please also bear in mind that we are very busy at this time so you may have wait for a few minutes.

Refill prices
Dew 500ml bottles £1
Dew Hand foam £1
Dew small hand sanitiser £0.40

Other liquids

We are not offering other liquid refills at present however we are working on re-introducing this soon.

Thank you so much for being patient with us during this process. Please know that we really appreciate your support. In the space of a week we have had to completely adapt the way our shop works and how we sell our products. We are now working more hours than normal to ensure this is a smooth and easy process for you guys. Although this is a completely new way to shop with us we are still ensuring we stick to our values of inclusivity, sustainability and working with and for the community.

We cant wait to make up some food boxes for you soon. We love seeing you pictures of your boxes and the food you make using the products in them!

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