Liquid Refills at The Little Green Larder

Hello everyone, I am so excited to let you all know that we will be refilling your liquids again! At the start of lock down we had to stop liquid refills but we have been listening to you all and know how much you miss being able to fill them up.

You wont be able to come into the shop to fill your liquids however you can drop off your bottles and we will fill them up for you.

If you would like to order a food box then click here for more information.

Here is how it works

1 – Message us at our Facebook page or call 01382 660913 to book your refill slot. (Please note we are operating under shorter hours please try to call Tue – Sat between 12pm and 4pm)

2 – Write down on a piece of paper the liquids you would like refilled. (please note at this time we will be filling all bottles full)

3 – Bring your empty clean and dry bottles to The Little Green Larder on Wednesday between 1pm and 4pm with your list

4 – Pick up your bottles and pay for then on Thursday between 1pm and 4pm

*Please note we have a £10 minimum for refilling liquids at this time.

  • All of our liquids are prices per 100g
  • Bio D unscented washing up liquid – £0.32/ 100g
  • Bio D grapefruit washing up liquid – £0.36/ 100g
  • Bio D laundry liquid – £0.52/ 100g
  • Bio D laundry powder – £0.50/ 100g
  • Bio D Fabric softener – £0.40/ 100g
  • Bio D handwash – £0.54/ 100g
  • Bio D toilet cleaner – £0.34/ 100g
  • Bio D home and garden sanitiser – £0.32/ 100g
  • Bio D bathroom cleaner – £0.30/100g
  • Alternative shampoo/ conditioner – £1.10/ 100g
  • Alternative body wash – £1.10/ 100g
  • Faith in Nature body wash – £1.45/ 100g
  • Faith in Nature hand wash – £1.55/ 100g
  • Dew – £0.20/ 100g

Liquid filling rules

-For all liquid refills your container MUST be clean and dry
– For all liquid refills we advise you to take a picture of the ingredient and product info (these are on the refill containers and at this time we can do this for you, please ask us for these via Facebook message)
– When filling your own bottle for liquids you should remove previous bottle/ container info and re-label it with that you have put inside
-It is recommended to refill Dew products into the Dew bottles that we sell
– Dew products are affected by light and should not be filled into a clear bottle

If customers do not follow the rules, we cannot accept any liability for the products not working in their best way.

If your bottles do not meet these specifications, we will not refill it.

Call or message us now to book your time slot.
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