Top Tips For Staying Sustainable During Lockdown

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Wow, what a beautiful few days it’s been. It is times like this that I wish I had a huge garden so I could lay outside with a good book and just chill. Instead I have made do with hula hooping while looking out of the window and sitting on my sofa reading a book.

This lockdown is of course not how we would have imagined spending our time, however we all know how important it is to stick to the rules and keep everyone safe. Spending lots of time in the house may get boring, but it is the perfect time to start your sustainable journey. It can also be a great time to get back on track with living a greener life.

I was originally going to re-share my blog post on sustainable living,  however I realised it didn’t quite fit. Although it’s really useful, it does include tips that are best for when you are out and about again. Feel free to click here and read it for once lockdown is over. Read on to find out my top tips for staying sustainable during lockdown.

Make Do and Mend

If you are spending more time at home then this is the perfect time to fix anything in your house or garden that is broken or isn’t working quite right. Do your favourite jeans have a hole in them? Does your shirt need a button sewn on? Grab a needle and thread and get to work.

Do you need to change a fuse in one of your plugs, patch up some chipped paint on your walls or even reseal your bath or shower? Google how to do it, watch some YouTube videos, and fix the things you have rather than buying new.

Shop Locally

When you shop locally not only do you reduce your carbon footprint, you also put money back into your locally economy. If there is a local independent shop within walking distance then go there, or you can have a delivery if you cannot leave the house.

Right now at The Little Green Larder you can order a fruit and veg box, mixed food box or snack box to pick up at the shop. You can add also add on extra items that we sell at the shop, e.g. sweets, hand sanitiser, soap, canned foods and drinks. If you are unable to leave the house at this time then place an order to be delivered through Zippy D.

Click here for more information.

Get Green Fingered

This is the perfect time to give your garden a makeover. Fix your grass, start a vegetable patch, and grow some bee friendly wild flowers. Growing your own fruit and veg can be so fulfilling and fun to do.

If you don’t have a garden then don’t worry. Get some house plants and grow herbs on your windowsill. Fresh herbs are great to add into your salads and make super tasty pesto!

Make sustainable swaps

Now is the perfect time to try out more sustainable options. Whether its moving to a bamboo toothbrush and tooth tabs, swapping your plastic dish brush to a wooden one or moving over to reusable sanitary items.

Products available at The Little Green Larder – Kirsty Brown Photography

There are so many sustainable options out there now its a total no-brainer. Say goodbye to plastic and find an eco alternative today!

The Little Green Larder Website has lots of great plastic free items to help you switch to a sustainable life.

Dry your clothes outside or on a drying screen

Reduce your energy usage by hanging your clothes outside to dry. If you don’t have a garden then use a drying screen or clothes horse. This is free to do and much better for the environment than running your tumble dryer every few days.

Buy loose fruit and veg

When doing your shopping opt for buying your fruit and vegetables loose. Fruit and veg come with their own protective packaging by way of a skin or peel. It really doesn’t need to be wrapped in plastic.

Live a more sustainable life by making these easy switches.
Fruit and veg from The Little Green Larder
Kirsty Brown Photography

Some supermarkets have a selection of loose fruit and veg, however your best bet is a small local business. Try out your local zero waste shop or green grocers for a selection of beautiful loose fruit and vegetables.

Say No to Plastic

When shopping for staples, try and avoid buying items that come wrapped in plastic. Buy drinks and foods in cans or glass jars. Unlike plastic, cans can be recycled endless times and glass jars can either be reused or recycled.

To get all of your shopping staples without plastic then visit your local eco-friendly/ zero waste shop. At The Little Green Larder, we stock over 100 refillable items that you can buy loose without plastic.

Start Cycling

If you are going out to do your daily exercise, why not cycle? This is the perfect time to get back on your bike as the roads are much quieter. Getting confident cycling now can lead to leaving your car at home once this is over. Hop on your bike for short trips to get started then build it up to longer trips.

I am so excited as a friend is giving me their old bike this week. I can’t wait to get back on a bike and see if I can remember how to ride it!

Start composting

Right now in Dundee the food waste bins are not being collected. Instead of putting your veg peels etc. into general waste why not compost them? Egg shells, coffee grinds, grass cuttings, fruit and veg peels; pop them all in your compost heap then use them to grow your plants.

Use What You Have

Of course using plastic free items is the way forward, however living a zero waste life means more than that. Don’t throw out everything that you have that’s plastic. That just creates more waste in the world. Make use of all of the things that you have. If you have plastic Tupperware keep using it. If you have plastic plates, cups and cutlery keep them for when you go on a picnic again.

Have a rummage around your house and see if there is anything that you can find an alternate use for or even start using again. If you have some old curtains that you will never put up again, why not take inspiration from the Sound of Music and turn them into a dress? You can even turn them into a throw or table cover.

I hope you have enjoyed reading today’s blog posts. I hope it has inspired you to take a few more steps towards sustainability. I also hope it has given you a few ideas of things to keep you occupied during lockdown.

I would love to hear if you have any other tips for being sustainable during lockdown. Leave me a comment and let me know.


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