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Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and enjoying this sunny weather we are all having. I know it hasn’t been the easiest of times however it is so lovely to see so many smiling faces again as lockdown eases a little.

Today we have an awesome guest blog post by Heather from Bad Gal Boocha, a local kombucha brewer in Scotland. I actually didn’t think I liked Kombucha until I tried Heathers tasty drink and now I am hooked! Luckily I stock her tasty kombucha at my zero waste shop The Little Green Larder in Dundee so pop down if you want to try these out. If you arent in DUndee then check our the Bad Gal Boocha Facebook page to find out how else to buy!

Keep reading to find out more about her amazing drinks!

“Hello, I’m Heather that runs Bad Gal Boocha. Bad Gal Boocha produce super sustainable kombucha from an independent kombucha brewery in Ladybank, Fife. I am the sole producer/packer/delivery driver/social media person whilst Hyasper who you will have seen on our social media runs HR.”

Heather and Hyasper

“Bad Gal Boocha was inspired by a wee beach clean I did at Elie beach last year. I was pretty upset by the amount of plastic that I found on the beach that had been washed up by the sea and it was around the time that everyone was realising just how plastic polluted our oceans were but there was no real focus on how polluted Scottish waters were. I decided that if I was going to start the kombucha biz then I was going to make sure that my business was as sustainable as it can be from production to packaging.”

(For me sustainability is key, thats why I love Heather and her drinks!)

“The process from tea leaf to kombucha goes like this. Our tea is bought loose from a local supplier, the sugar is bought in huge paper sacks. The brewery is powered by renewable sources and the only energy used it the electricity to boil the tea. The kombucha is made fully by hand and when it comes to flavouring we only source ingredients from local suppliers such as East Neuk Orchards for our apple juice (Lisa also gives me the juice in unlabelled bottles which I return to her). Fresh fruits are bought loose and then juiced in house on the day of bottling. The bottling process is done by hand and then kraft paper labels are applied. I deliver the kombucha in a VW Polo (not an electric one yet but it is better than a van) and try to deliver loose in crates where possible. In terms of becoming more sustainable I have SO many ideas most of them are long term goals but in the mean time we are rolling out a bottle return scheme, hopefully a label return scheme (though this may be post covid) and we are looking to use Scottish grown tea for at least a small percentage of our production moving forward to reduce the air miles and minimise the risk of funding modern slavery.”

We asked Heather why shopping locally and supplying local businesses was important to her and this is what she said:

“I’m the world’s biggest support local advocate. I will only ever stock to small local businesses who share much of the same values and beliefs as me. When you buy from a local business you generally get a much higher quality product that has less packaging and a fairer supply chain than when you buy from a big name. When it comes to local shopping though there are some inequalities that I think producers need to look out for and attempt to bring some form of solution to (such as wealth/health inequalities). This is something that as a business we are including in our bigger plans, we are going to work so hard to help out our local community and those who are hit hardest by societies inequalities. This should go hand in hand with my nursing degree which I’m currently doing alongside all of this!”

Wow, Heather is so inspiring! I really love the effort she puts into being sustainable and shopping locally for the products to make her kombucha! It just goes to show that if you make the effort you can really help the planet while running a business.

Thank you so much Heather for guest blogging for me today! I hope everyone has enjoyed our post, feel free to pop into The Little Green Larder to pick up some Bad Gal Boocha or check out their website.

Jillian, The Little Green Blogger.

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