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Can you believe its almost time for the schools to start again? College and uni aren’t far behind so it is time to start planning what you and your kids will need to go back. I thought Id do a post with my top eco tips and recommendations for back to school so your kids can stay sustainable while learning.

Hemp Backpack

Instead of wasting your money on a plastic flimsy bag that will fall apart invest in a sustainable hemp back pack that will see your kids through their school years. I am in-love with these Niyama bags and have a bunch of them myself. My rucksack is perfect for me when I go on my bike as it is lightweight and super comfy on my shoulders.

I was so excited when we got a range of these colourful and sustainable bags at The Little Green larder last month! Pop in store to see the full range we have!

Things you already own

The most sustainable items are the things you already have. Don’t go and buy lots of new pens and pencils etc if you don’t have to. Rake through your drawers and art box and no doubt you will have loads there already. Sharpen all of the pencils and test out the pens and get filling up the kids your pencil case.

Hand Sanitiser

I love Dew hand sanitising spray! It kills 99.95% of bacteria and viruses and even better it is refillable. Instead of going through hundreds of bottles of hand sanitiser you can just buy one and then come to The Little Green Larder to refill it.


Instead of buying loads of multi packs of snacks for the kids why not opt for loose goods instead. Fresh fruit and veg is always a great healthy option. Why not team up some fresh fruit with some dried snacks.

The Little Green Larder has a huge range of tasty refillable snacks like dried fruit, nuts, Bombay mix, chocolate raisins and even vegan pick and mix for a treat. Bring some tubs to refill on snacks and decant some into smaller Tupperware at home for daily snacks. Zero waste tasty snack that’s don’t harm the environment!

Water Bottle

In Scotland we are so lucky to have beautiful safe and clean drinking water that comes right out of our taps. Instead of spending hundreds of pounds over the years on drinks in plastic bottles, why not spend once and invest in a reusable bottle.

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These Jedz/ The Little Green Larder bottles are perfect, they keep water cold for 24 hours and hot for 1 hours so they are great all year round. Fill it with water, juice or a hot drink and save single use plastic bottles every day!

Soap bar and Soap Tin

Why not pop a bar of soap in an eco soap tin in your kids back pack as a just in case. If they go to wash their hands and the soap has ran out it’s so handy to have a soap in their bag so they can make sure their hands are clean. We love these Smelleez Soap bars as they smell wonderful and come without any plastic! Pick one up at The Little Green Larder.


Instead of going out and buying lots of pe kits and school uniforms why not see if anyone else at the school wants to do a swap. Give your kids uniform from last year to a friend with younger kids and see if anyone else wants to do the same.

The Gate Church Carbon Saving Project runs monthly clothes swaps where you can pick up some t shirts for PE kits and some school clothing etc. Also why not check out your local charity shops. Save your money and the environment at the same time.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it helps inspire you and your kids to be more sustainable. Don’t forget to use what you have already. Id you have a lunch box or water bottle at home then use that instead of buying new. And when you do buy new opt for more sustainable options!

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