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Hello everyone! So, how often do you shop locally and support local businesses? Do you only shop locally or do you tend to opt for bigger brands and bigger supermarkets?

Personally I prefer to shop locally as not only do I believe in the skill and power of our amazing Scottish suppliers, I also know that it is better for the environment. When you shop locally you are helping to put money back into your local economy and fund jobs locally. You are also reducing your carbon footprint and reducing waste as products haven’t needed to be shipped over seas, and there is often much less packaging waste from a local supplier. Often there is no packaging.

Today I am bringing you another local supplier spotlight. I am chatting with Danielle from Niyama.co. I am obssesed with her gorgeous bags, accessories and clothing and I am lucky enough to stock some of her bags and pencil cases at my shop, The Little Green Larder.

So Danielle, tell us a bit about yourself.

“Hey there! I am Danielle, the owner of Niyama.co. We are a sustainable clothing and accessories brand based in Dundee and we are so proud to be stocking our products in The Little Green Larder! We are passionate about minimising waste and providing great quality, ethically sourced fashion.”

What inspired you to start Niyama.co?

“I started Niyama.co last year following a 6-week backpacking trip in India and Nepal. It was a life changing trip that opened my eyes to a completely different way of life. We were captivated by such a rich culture, the beautiful buildings, intricate temples, the smell of burning incense and the buzz of marketplaces. But what struck us most of all was the extreme poverty; people living at the side of a street littered with rubbish who barely have enough to feed their children. It was the first time in my life that I was confronted with these issues as here in the UK we are so privileged and sheltered. We rarely see the extent of the plastic pollution problem or the level of extreme poverty they have in India and Nepal. I was distraught to realise my role in this crisis; behind everything we buy there is a real person, with a family to feed, with ambitions and goals. For too long the fashion industry has contributed to this cycle of unfair wages, dangerous working conditions and exploitation.”

“This experience inspired me to make a difference; I decided to create a sustainable fashion brand focused on giving back. I met with small family businesses who make our clothing and bags from sustainably sourced Hemp fibre. The fibre is spun in Himalayan villages and then brought to Kathmandu and Pokhara to be made into our garments. Our makers work in safe, clean working environments and earn fair wages. Hemp is a great source of income in Nepal and allows young men and women to learn a profitable skill. Our hemp is grown without pesticides or insecticides and is 4 times stronger than cotton! It requires half as much land and half as much water as cotton, making it a fast-growing sustainable crop.”

What steps do you take to reduce waste within your business?

“We are committed to eliminating plastic waste within our business. We use biodegradable, reusable bags and recycled cardboard boxes for postage. We even use biodegradable tape! We use coconut buttons on our clothing insead of plastic ones, and we are in the process of switching to metal buckles on our bags. With every online order we plant a tree to help replenish forests around the world. We are committed to being much more than just a brand and believe it is our job to make the best, most responsible choices possible to make shopping easier for our customers.”

What does supporting locally mean to you?

“We are so excited to be stocked at the Little Green Larder. It is more important than ever to support small local businesses because when you shop small you are helping real people reach their goals. Thank you for following us on our journey to a more sustainable planet!”

Thanks so much for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about this amazing brand. Pop into The Little Green Larder to see our Niyama range.
Jillian, The Little Green Blogger.

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