Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide No. 5

Hello Everyone

Wow, 5 Weeks until Christmas! It is creeping up on us so quickly! This year why not join me in pledging to only buy sustainable gifts from local businesses this year.

Now more than ever our local businesses need your support! This year we have seen so many businesses have to close their doors! We can all help them stay open by supporting local whenever possible.

Did you know that shopping locally not only reduces waste from packaging it also lowers your carbon footprint. It puts money back into your local economy and creates jobs in your community. It is a win win all round.

Play Press Toys

I just love play press toys! To me they are like jigsaws but even better. Once you have built them you can then play with them and have lots more fun!

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Playpress Toys are eco friendly and vegan and are made using 100% sustainable, biodegradable and ocean friendly materials.

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There are so many different varieties available. There are small character sets that are the perfect stocking filler to larger play set which make wonderful gifts. We have some available to buy on our website here and even more available instore at The Little Green Larder.

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Children are the future so lets start educating them from a young age how important it is to be sustainable! We only have one world so lets look after it for them.

Did you know that close to 3 million tonnes of waste is produced at Christmas compered with the rest of the year! Let’s not be a part of that and opt to buy sustainably and waste less!

If you are looking for more great sustainable gifts for children then have a look here:

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Thank you so much for reading. If you have any other ideas on what makes great sustainable gifts then do leave a comment and let me know.

Jillian, The Little Green Blogger

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