Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide no. 8

Hello lovelies, Can you believe it is only 8 weeks till Christmas! Where has this year gone!

This year I am pledging to only buy local and sustainable Christmas gifts! We as a society are so wasteful and Christmas creates more waste than any other holiday! An extra 30% of rubbish is created over the festive period!

Not on my watch! I have decided to buy people gifts that they can appreciate and use all year round. No plastic tat, nothing shipped half way round the world in plastic bags, and only buying from local shops and suppliers. I will also be planning a few gifts from the heart!

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Today I am starting my 8 week countdown and bringing you my top 8 sustainable gifts. Join me every week for amazing and sustainable Christmas gift inspo!

No 8 – Bamboo Handled Makeup Brushes

Some of you know that before I opened The Little Green Larder I was a makeup artist for over 13 years. My love and passion for makeup was so string and took me on so many wonderful adventures. There was one thing however that overshadow the joy of makeup. That was waste! The beauty industry creates so much waste and it just broke my heart to think I was adding to that with my job.

Photography – Jacqueline Jade Art

This is why I love these makeup brushes so much! Instead of plastic handles they are bamboo, which is super sustainable. The brushes are also vegan and cruelty free so it is a win all round!

Photography – Jacqueline Jade Art

At The Little Green Larder we sell the individual makeup brushes for £4 each, or you can get this set of 11 brushes for just £22. (Click here to order online) I have spent over £40 on just one brush before, so this is great value for money.

I have a set of these brushes at home and I use them every day to do my makeup! I also have a set in my professional kit. They are super soft, east to clean and long lasting!

Photography – Jacqueline Jade Art

Do you know an eco conscious or vegan friend who would love these? Or even just someone who loves makeup and would appreciate some gorgeous brushes. Why not pop into The Little Green Larder to grab a set. Alternatively you can click here and order some from our website to be delivered to your door.

I hope this has helped to get you started on your sustainable Christmas Shopping! See you again next week for no. 7!

Jillian, The Little Green Blogger

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  1. Do not let these suggestions vanish and take the opportunity to spend a different Christmas, where you will not only give love to our own family, but also to the nature surrounding you. If you happen to know other green-gifts which are just as appealing as those above, do not esitate to comment: ecobnb is always open for new inspirations!

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