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Hello everyone, November has disappeared which only means one thing…Christmas will be here before we know it! This year I am only giving sustainable gifts. No plastic in sight at all! I am pledging to only buy sustainable gifts from local businesses.

One thing I still love getting is a Christmas stocking. As a kid it was so much fun waking up and seeing if your stocking was on your bed yet. If it was, it meant it was time to wake up! The magic of Christmas would start and a day of fun, love and laughter would commence. Now I fill stockings for my mum, dad and my fiancé but today I am giving you all tips about great things you can put in kid’s stockings. If you want to read about what to put in an adult stocking click here.

The children I meet now actually amaze me. When I was a child I played with my Barbies and didn’t know about anything that was going on in the world. Now kids come into the shop and tell me they want metal straws because they know plastic ones hurt animals. I’ve met kids who have decided themselves to stop eating meat. Kids who are boycotting plastic bags and kids who just want to make a difference. Never underestimate children; they are so clued on and let’s face it, it’s their world too. Start them young on the importance of sustainability.

A Satsuma

Ok, if you read my adult stocking filler blog it’s the same first one but… I feel it’s needed. Satsumas are super tasty and a great wee snack when you first get up. We sell lots of Satsumas at The Little Green Larder because they are sweet, juicy and lovely. A little bit of goodness in the morning makes up for all of the chocolates later on, right?!

Play In Choc

I am now so addicted to these little eco toys. It seems similar to a well know egg shaped plastic filled toy treat. However, Play In Choc is allergen free, eco-friendly and educational. You get 2 little bars of chocolate, a build and play character and a fact card. All of the packaging is compostable and the characters are made of recycled cardboard!

These are perfect in a stocking or even on the Christmas table as a little pre-dinner treat and something to keep the kids occupied in between courses. These toys teach children about climate change and the adverse effects of single use plastic in a fun and child friendly way. Pick one up at The Little Green Larder

A Bamboo Toothbrush

Toothbrushes may not be the most exciting things to find in a stocking, but we all need them so why not switch to bamboo? At The Little Green Larder we have both kids and adults bamboo toothbrushes. We also have a recycling scheme with Terracycle for your old plastic ones.

Seed Packet

When I was a kid we used to grow sunflowers in the garden. Me and my brother would have a competition to see whose would grow the tallest and we would get excited when they grew even taller than us. Get your kids back into the garden with a gift like this.

Play Press Toys

Gruffalo Play Press Toy

These toys are affordable and less harmful to the planet than other plastic build-able toys. Play Press are made from sustainable playboards that are completely recyclable and sustainable. There are lots of characters and sets available. There are larger sets but we also have a collection in that is the perfect size for a stocking.

There is also a new Gruffalo Play press toy which I am so obsessed with!

A bar of soap

bars of soap
Siobhan Diamond Photography

It’s no secret that I am a huge Smelleez soap fan! Their winter range is out and with scents like Snow fairy, Unicorn Poo, Elf Sweat, Candy Cane and Santa’s Beard you are bound to find a scent your kids will love. Reduce plastic waste from shower gel and encourage your kids to use a bar of soap instead.

Hot Chocolate Kit

A tasty hot chocolate is the perfect drink for a cold Christmas evening. Our hot chocolate kits are super easy to use as it contains pre measured chocolate disks that you mix with your favourite type of milk. They also have tasty vegan marshmallows. It comes in a completely compostable pouch so no plastic in sight.


vegan pick and mix
1 kilo of vegan pick and mix

Everyone loves sweets, they are a great Christmas day treat. Try and find some in compostable packaging like seed and bean chocolate bars. At The Little Green Larder we have loose vegan pick and mix so you can bring a jar or nice box and fill up! You can order a whopping kilo for only £10 from our website. Even better it comes in a compostable pouch.

We also have chocolate coated raisins and banana chips etc if you prefer a slightly healthier option.

Wooden Toys

I am seeing lots of shops now selling wooden toys which are much more eco friendly than plastic ones. Wooden blocks, dolls houses, kitchens you name it. Try and source these instead.

wooden rocking horse

Second Hand Toys

When your kids are young, they don’t know or care what’s new and what’s old. You can pick up great second hand toys in charity shops. Also, you can get hand me downs from friends. Give them a bit of a wash and they are as good as new. You can organise a toy swap in your local community or even just with your friends.

I hope this has been useful for you and helped make your kids stockings eco friendly aswell as budget friendly. Do you have any kids stocking filler ideas I have missed? I’d love to know, so please leave me a comment.

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